Audrey Pe

An aspiring science journalist, Audrey is continuously excited about the innovations in STEM and how they can better the world. Fascinated with the sciences at an early age, Audrey realized the lack of female role models in STEM, particularly in the field of technology, hinders many young women from considering it as a possible profession. Because of this revelation, and upon reading a book on the gender gap in tech, Audrey founded WiTech, a blog aimed at interviewing and celebrating women in technology. Audrey hopes to inspire young girls all around the world to pursue careers in technology by reading her interviews with women in tech from all around the world. Through her blog, Audrey bridges her love of tech and writing and hopes to bring that to her future profession as a science journalist. She aims to help the public understand the work that many scientists do to help society, by writing articles about STEM for the masses. She believes that with the support of science and innovation, we can further better our global development.