According to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, the top 5 barriers experienced by women in tech include lack of mentors, lack of female role models, gender bias in the workplace, unequal growth opportunities, and unequal pay. 

WiTech (Women in Technology) is the birth project of a little girl (Audrey Pe) who grew up wanting to become a scientist but didn’t know anyone who was. Regardless of that, Audrey voraciously read and studied hard, working towards her goal of becoming a computer scientist/startup owner and inspiring other women to eradicate the gender gap in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Having accolades from entrepreneurship and startup competitions, she wishes to spread her love of STEM and women empowerment through this blog. Currently, she is a high school student from the Philippines.

WiTech aims to inspire women from all around the world to pursue careers in tech, and use their abilities to make a difference in society.