Wi-Teach Bohol

The recently concluded outreach in Bohol is an extension of WiTeach’s initiatives but this time around, it was held at Lila National High School in Lila, Bohol. In this mission were Audrey Pe (Founder and Executive Director), Jessie de Grano (VP for Community Development), Marla Abao (VP for External Affairs), Charmaine Espinueva (CommDev Outreach Officer and Networking Events Volunteer) and Jazmine Calma (ComDev Outreach Officer). 

It was a two-day mission wherein Introduction to STEM and basic coding workshops were conducted for Grades 9-11 students. Workshops on Technology for Education, Research and Office skills and basic coding were also conducted for Lila’s teachers. The educational resources for this outreach were provided for in collaboration with the Library Hub Philippines.

More than the workshops conducted and the donation of computer modules,  WiTech aimed to open students to the various applications of STEM and to ultimately initiate in them a shift in perspective.

A career in STEM is an option regardless of their background and that ultimately they have the choice to pursue it. 

On the first day in a talk given by Audrey Pe and Charmaine Espinueva, students were introduced to the different fields in STEM and the various opportunities available to them in this field. Basic programming workshops were then taught to both students and teachers by Marla Abao and Jazmine Calma. 

On the second day of the mission, applications and resources were introduced to teachers to aid their teaching. The WiTech team introduced the use of XMind and resources such as Microsoft Office, Google Scholar, Crash Course and Khan Academy to aid their teaching. The team also introduced tips on how to make successful presentations to engage their students further. 

At the end of the two day mission, printed modules ranging from the use of Microsoft Office and Scratch to introductory courses in basic programming, research and Technology for Education were given to Lila for the usage of both its students and teachers. 

Lila National High School had the equipment but a significant lack of technology education. Wi-Teach Bohol was a great learning experience for both the WiTech team and the participants.