Empowerment, Sustainable Outreach, and Education

Wi-Teach aims to TIE:

  • Teach: Equip them with the necessary knowledge on current technology trends
  • Inspire: Spark the interest of students into taking up STEM courses
  • Engage: Give students a glimpse of different STEM professions

In order to advocate for true equality, we have to be able to give all Filipino youth, REGARDLESS OF GENDER OR SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS, with the tools necessary for them to even consider science and technology as a path for the future. 

Wi-Teach is one of the community development initiatives of WiTech that aims to TIE: to Teach, Inspire and Engage with students through sustainable outreach, education and empowerment. The first leg of the Wi-Teach initiative was launched last August 2-4, 2018 at the Mindanao State University – University Training Center in Marawi City. A year later, WiTech then conducted the second leg of Wi-Teach last September 6-7, 2019 at Lila National High School in Lila, Bohol. The third and latest Wi-Teach program was held in Rizal Elementary School in Makati City in October and November of 2019.

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