Empowerment, Sustainable Outreach, and Education

Wi-Teach aims to TIE:

  • Teach: Equip them with the necessary knowledge on current technology trends
  • Inspire: Spark the interest of students into taking up STEM courses
  • Engage: Give students a glimpse of different STEM professions

In order to advocate for true equality, we have to be able to give all Filipino youth, REGARDLESS OF GENDER OR SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS, with the tools necessary for them to even consider science and technology as a path for the future. 

Wi-Teach is one of the community development initiatives of WiTech that aims to TIE: to Teach, Inspire, and Engage with students through sustainable outreach, education and empowerment. The first leg of the Wi-Teach initiative was launched last August 2-4, 2018 at the Mindanao State University – University Training Center in Marawi City. A year later, WiTech then conducted the second leg of Wi-Teach last September 6-7, 2019 at Lila National High School in Lila, Bohol. In October and November of 2019, the third Wi-Teach program was held in Rizal Elementary School in Makati City. Love2Learn Institution in Quezon City was home to the fourth and latest Wi-Teach program, giving mothers and local authorities a stepping stone into the world of technology.

In 2019, WiTech was named as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations for the year’s TAYO awards, most especially for their efforts in bringing technological literacy to all sectors of the Philippines through Wi-Teach. ‪The TAYO Awards Foundation is the country’s only award giving body that recognizes and supports the outstanding contributions of youth organizations in the country.