Starting Your Own Chapter

Mission of WiTech Chapters:


  • Access our database of women in tech interviewees from our blog & learn about their stories
  • Get connected to the featured women & invite them to speak to your chapter in-person or via video call


  • Receive guidance from WiTech Main in planning your own WiTCon (Women in Tech Conference)
  • Consult our database of speakers, checklists of what needs to be done to plan a conference, etc.
  • Access curated WiTech modules for Intro to CS, CS for Education, STEM Careers, etc.


  • Bring modules to your chapter meetings & host scheduled workshops with your members – within your school or area!
  • Contact schools within your community that DON’T have access to tech resources & host a Wi-Teach (Women in Tech Teach) program

Events Your Chapter can Host:

(1) Chapter Talks
(2) WiTCon (Women in Tech Conference)
(3) WiTeach (Women in Tech Teach)

Why host Chapter Talks?

• Get your chapter members & community (not just students!)
exposed to women in tech speakers and mentors
Easily set up via video call or physical visit; all you need is a room, laptop/computer/projector, and a speaker

Chapter Talks in 3 Steps:

1. Look for Speakers

  • Using our connections to women in tech from around the world, we can help you find the right speaker/s
  • Want someone to talk about AI or Biotech? Someone to share experiences working at a big company? We got you covered!

2. Invite an Audience

  • Promote the talk to members of your chapter or let us know if you want publicity materials made
  • We’ll help you create public social media accounts to promote your event

3. Get Inspired

  • Learn from the speaker, give us feedback on how the event went, and look towards planning the next one! 
  • We can share pics & updates that you post within the chapter expansion community

Why host a WiTCon?

• Encourage students & professionals to learn about
& celebrate women in tech
• Make opportunities like skills-based workshops accessible
Empower those around you to consider careers in tech

WiTCon in 3 Steps:

1. Request for a Checklist

  • Email WiTech Main or your assigned chapter coordinator for a detailed checklist on steps needed to host a WiTCon
  • Don’t worry, you can ask for the checklist before committing to the event

2. Send Updates/ Questions

  • During the planning process, update us and your chapter expansion coordinator  
  • Know that we are always here to answer any questions

3. Celebrate Women in Tech

  • Hear the stories of amazing women & break the stereotypes of what it means to work in tech
  • Share documentations of the event with us and the chapter expansion group network!

Why host a Wi-Teach?

• Tech education isn’t available for everyone
Democratize tech by bringing it to students who
otherwise wouldn’t have access to it
• Help change the current reality where tech is
mostly accessed by the privileged

Wi-Teach in 3 Steps:

1. Find a School/ Community

  • You can implement WiTech’s curated modules in your own school, or any that has little to no access to tech education
  • We’re talking about a lack of Microsoft Office skills and/or programming curriculum

2. Create Schedule + Receive Modules

  • Once you’ve sent us a schedule (we have samples upon request), we’ll forward the modules & you can begin planning the logistics (where, when, etc.) of your program
  • The program can be as long/short as needed!

3. Implement a Program

  • Visit the community, document, and share updates with the chapter expansion network
  • Let us know what worked, what didn’t, and how our modules can be improved
  • We’re always here to help!