WiTCon (Women in Technology Conference) is a one-day event that aims to expose students as well as educators to the wide array of research and accomplishments of Philippine women within the field of technology. The event is aimed at both the youth who wish to pursue careers in the STEM field as well as educators who are at the helm of inculcating values and shaping the lives of their students. WiTCon’s purpose is to inspire future generations of technologists to help close the gender gap and to utilize innovation in order to create a difference within society. With speakers from various tech companies and workshops that give participants a peek into tech fields that they perhaps did not know existed, WiTCon doesn’t just aim to break glass ceilings, but also transform the field of technology.

Recently, WiTCon has been lauded as Peace Builder of the Year (Group Category) in the prestigious 2019 Young SDG Champion Awards given by Global Institute for Youth Development.

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