WiTech Roadshow

Poveda SHS Roadshow

WiTech shows no signs of stopping when the team visited Saint Pedro Poveda College for the next leg of WiTech Roadshow last October 16. The team’s representative, Chiara, “got to speak to two groups of Grade 12 girls who came from different tracks and are pursuing different careers as they enter college next year. It was a much more intimate setting and it was much more about telling the story of my fears that started way back in high school. I feel like the person who needed to hear this most was myself as a high school junior/senior. I saw myself in a lot of those girls ready to embark on the next stage of their life. It was loads of fun being in an all-girls school again!”

A particular batch of incoming college freshmen had all the feels in the world! According to Chiara, “one girl shrieked when I said that I was a merit scholar in Ateneo, and I immediately went — “NO NO BUT WAIT I felt like I wasn’t at that level!”

At the end of the day, we “hope that everyone finds a piece of themselves in Roadshow and hears something they can take home.”