Wi-Teach Love to Learn

The WiTech Team held the latest Wi-Teach program with the mothers or ‘nanays’ and interested students of Love To Learn in Quezon City last March 6, 2020. Audrey Pe and Jessie de Grano were able to hold a short program that included discussions on technology and digital literacy and an introduction to computer systems.

The ‘nanays’ of the community were able to operate laptops for the first time. Having experienced this opened up so many new doors for the ‘nanays’.

They’ve personally said that after Wi-Teach, they’ll be able to understand what their children are doing for school, read the news, create emails, use word processing softwares, and take a step to close the digital divide.

WiTech aims to help anyone and everyone regardless of their gender or socio-economic status and make a difference using technology.