Team Updates



These are occasional game nights and team-building sessions to boost team morale and sense of community within the organization.


Held last October 31, it served as the online Halloween party for WiTech Manila Chapter members! The event ended with a costume party, where members voted on the best dressed that night. 


Held last December 27 as the online year-end and Christmas party for the WiTech Manila Chapter! The event held a bunch of games including a program on making wishes and summarizing everyone’s years.

General Assemblies

These serve as a way to give updates to all WiTech members about events and other relevant news about the organization. The first one for the new cycle served as an orientation and getting-to-know as well. 

New Cycle

WiTech Manila launched a new cycle last July 2020, with applications for the organization. View the members of this cycle here!