Written by Talia ArañaEdited by Anna DivinagraciaGraphics by Trasy Ipapo “Listen to the scientists.” It’s a phrase we hear often — too often, in fact. Why? “The Philippines ought to invest in research. We should realize that science-based solutions are more reliable and effective, especially in global threats such as a pandemic,” said J-Ann Marie Lego, a Science Research Specialist from the National Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University… Read More

“Who is the first person that comes into your mind when you hear the words ‘tech industry’?”

Ask anyone that question, and you’ll probably hear the repetitive answers: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and, never forget, Mark Zuckerberg. Nowadays, most of the world relates the tech industry with male domination, thanks to the media’s focus on “male tech genius” tropes with those three men first on the list and with stories of their lives on screens and on the headlines.

Why are there fewer women in the tech industry? What is the best place for a woman in tech? Here’s to all the “female tech geniuses” out there.

Written by Anna DivinagraciaEdited by Dona MarabeGraphics by Xixi Tankiamco This article contains strong language, sexual content, graphic narratives, and other themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Kindly read at your own discretion. What radicalized you? What experiences in your life made you think? Which moment changed you?

Written by Kelly Punzalan Edited by Lauren Fajardo and Cebo Cruz Interviewed by Bea Rondon Despite rising numbers of women in animation, the industry is still heavily male-dominated, with only 23.2% of jobs in the field held by women according to Animation Career Review. Marla Rausch thankfully did not have to endure the less-than-ideal treatment that many women in the technology industry are used to. Throughout her career, people naturally had formed biases and… Read More

Written by: Kelly Punzalan

Written by: Cebo Cruz

Written by: Patricia Campos