How We Started

WiTech (Youth for Women in Technology Inc.) is a nonprofit SEC-registered organization that was founded by Audrey Pe in 2016 when she was a sophomore in high school. Interested in coding, Audrey sought out to learn to code online and discovered the huge gender gap in the field of tech. From there, Audrey interviewed women in tech from AOL to Stanford and began posting feature articles about them to promote their stories and celebrate their journeys in the male-dominated field.


In 2017, WiTech rebranded into a community organization that it is by hosting the first women in tech conference (WiTCon) for students and by students in order to inspire even more young girls and boys to break gender barriers. WiTech’s mission isn’t just rooted in closing the gender gap, but also in making a difference using technology. The WiTech team prides itself in having female and male students on the team and is opening WiTCon to all genders. This choice is reflective of WiTech’s core values–to educate, inspire, and empower the youth to break gender barriers and use tech to make a difference.