Wi-Teach Rizal Elementary School

The third Wi-Teach program was held at Rizal Elementary School in Makati City. Because the program was set in Metro Manila, the WiTech team was able to return for a total of 5 sessions with the 40 Grades 5 and 6 students.

Much like among the majority of students in the Philippines, the students of Rizal Elementary School are aware of gadgets and using them for entertainment. However, we can utilize technology to its fullest extent for educational purposes.

The WiTech team opened the minds of the students of Rizal Elementary School to science and tech through different activities.

The first of these activities was a discussion on STEM and to the various career professions under it. STEM Experiments including red cabbage pH testing, DNA extraction, density experiments, slime-making, and marshmallow tower-making were also done to show that STEM can be fun for everyone. Programming was then introduced through activities on Code.org. The last day was filled with getting to know what the students wanted to be in the future.

It was truly a room full with the future engineers, programmers, chemists, doctors, nurses, and artists of the Philippines!