Meet the Executive Team

Audrey Pe

Founder + Executive Director + Co-Project Lead 

audrey edit.jpg

Audrey Pe is 17 years old, the Founder and Executive Director of WiTech (Women in Tech), and an incoming high school senior. She has shared her story at events ranging from ASEAN to UN conferences. As a member of Globe Telecom’s “12 Girl Goals” and Zonta District 17’s Young Women in Public Service Awardee, Audrey is continuously excited about the innovations in STEM and how they can better the world. Fascinated with the sciences at an early age, Audrey realized the lack of female role models in STEM, particularly in the field of technology, hinders many young women from considering it as a possible profession. Because of this revelation, and upon reading a book on the gender gap in tech, Audrey founded WiTech where she aims to help the public understand the work that many female scientists do to help society, by writing articles about STEM for the masses. WiTech publishes interviews with women in tech, organized the first women in tech conference for students and by students in the Philippines, and has an international chapter program. Her love of writing extends to contributing regularly to the Manila Bulletin lifestyle section and has gotten her a fourth place win amongst 1,200+ entries in the Trust for Sustainable Living’s essay writing competition on climate change. From her experiences and accolades garnered in tech, business, and Model UN competitions, she believes that with the support of science and innovation, we can further better our global development.

Marla Abao

Co-Events Head + Co-Project Lead

marla edit.jpg

Marla is currently the Student Council President of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. Showing exceptional maturity and passion for research, clear awareness of socio-cultural issues related to gender equality, she was able to receive various awards in both academics and leadership. Marla was also the youngest innovator speaker in the innovation convention sponsored by the San Miguel Yamamura Corporation where she shared her knowledge and experience in youth leadership. Recently, she bagged the Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs  (YWPA) Award for District 17 besting many different leaders from all around the Asia Pacific. With this, she aspires to be an engineer in the future and be a fearless advocate promoting more women in science as well as using technology as a tool for the betterment of everyone.

Alannah Mitra

Co-Marketing Head

hannah edit.jpg

Alannah Mitra is a Sophomore BFA Information Design major at Ateneo De Manila University. She is passionate about graphic design, fine arts, film, and theater; and actively pursues these through participation in various events and organizations. Though she specializes on the arts, she still involves herself in other fields and disciplines such as mental health awareness, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. She hopes to help bridge the gap between the arts and other disciplines and wants to use the arts as an avenue for positive social change.

Annika Gozum

Co-Marketing Head

annika edit.jpg

Annika is a high school student at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. She is passionate about global issues such as many individuals’ lack of basic needs, gender equality, mental health, and saving the environment. Being a student that will pursue a STEM course and as an advocate for women empowerment, she hopes to raise awareness for the realities of women in the field and break present negative stereotypes about women in STEM. In the future, she aspires to be able to contribute to the betterment of her fellow Filipinos.

Cailyn Ong


cailyn edit.jpg

Cailyn Ong is a high school student at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. She is passionate about biotechnology and hopes to someday help innovate in the medical field. Aside from this, she is also an advocate for social issues like mental health awareness & gender equality who is interested in calligraphy and music. She hopes to use her unique skillset in helping empower women in technology.

Dominique Trinidad

Co-Events Head

q edit.jpg

Dominique is an incoming Grade 10 student at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus who is passionate about Marine Biology. She aspires to do researches in order to help save and preserve Philippine biodiversity. In addition to that, she is also a passionate advocate of mental health awareness and gender equality. Through WiTech, she aims to empower women into pursuing careers in science and technology and bridging the gender gap in the field.


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