Who are the women in tech?

Visionaries, innovators, and doers are some of many words to describe women who work in the field of technology. Growing up, I was sparsely exposed to computer science and discovered only about a year ago the massive potential of a career in coding.

I then thought to myself, what would a career in coding look like? Engaged and interested, I researched on the state of tech, joined organisations involving computer science, and started to learn how to code. Through that journey, I read about initiatives (Girls Who Code and #BUILTBYGIRLS) that rallied for more fem
ale computer scientists and venture capitalists.

girlswhocodegwc-logoAs I reflected on my lack of knowledge about any female computer scientists and venture capitalists, and consequently researched on the many that I know now of, I realised that a majority of the people who listened to my avid explanations of the gender gap in tech barely knew any women in tech as well.

And it’s not in the lack of talent or capability that women in tech are sparsely seen or heard from; it’s the paradigm of the “typical geeky male coder” and the lack of media exposure of experienced females in the tech industry that causes many groundbreaking and hardworking women to be underappreciated.

What WiTech aims to do is shed light on the many facets of women in tech and hear their stories about how they found their respective jobs and decided to pursue an occupation in the tech industry. By reading their stories and hearing about how they got to where they are now, I hope that girls (and guys) around the world can be inspired to go for any career that they please, regardless of gender roles and expectations.

tech-gender-gapWiTech is in simplest terms, a blog. But I hope that in some way or another, it becomes a gateway for anyone perusing the net to appreciate the works and wonders of inspiring women who are using their skills to innovate the norms and create a better future for us all.

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