WiTech’s founder, Audrey Pe, with Danielle Letayf

WiTech’s very first feature was Danielle Letayf from AOL’s #BUILTBYGIRLS. In this post, Danielle gives us some details about the #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge and why teen girls from around the world should join it! 

#BUILTBYGIRLS is an AOL initiative that aims to encourage and expose more high school girls to careers in technology–similar to what we strive for at WiTech! 

Read the write-up below from Danielle and the #BUILTBYGIRLS team to learn more about the challenge! 


Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for the next gen of 13-18 y.o. female startup founders and change-makers (aka you) who are building a mobile app, hardware device, robotics project, game, or something no one has invented yet. You can submit in up to teams of 4. Feel free to apply with your projects from your previous tech experiences (i.e. programs like Girls Who Code or your school’s tech club) or build out an entirely new idea.

What You Could Win

You could win the opportunity to pitch your project in front of expert girl judges, tech/VC moguls and change makers during a live Pitch Day in San Francisco in September. Winners receive $10k in funding, mentorship and a booth at TechCrunch Disrupt to take their project to the next level.


The author, Audrey Pe, is an incoming high school junior from the Philippines. Passionate about startups, programming, and women empowerment, Audrey advocates for more women in tech through this blog. She wishes for people to read her interviews, be inspired to pursue careers in the field of tech, and support women in tech everywhere.

Photos were taken from the #BUILTBYGIRLS website and Instagram.  

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