Holy P.: Tech Magazine Editor

Photo courtesy of Holy herself 

When you think of magazines, it’s common to imagine glossy pages filled with glamorous ads or supermodels. Unlike those publications, Holy P.’s magazine brings something new to the table. UNTOUCHD Magazine, which is geared towards inspiring women in tech, brings together articles that every hustler needs.

Editor-in-chief of the said magazine, Holy P., does more than just manage UNTOUCHD–she’s also a freelance web developer and educator.

“Truth be told, when I joined the world of programming, I had zero experience, which made learning fun, challenging, never ending, and hard. But because I wanted to learn how to code, and build websites (at the moment), I stood by it – hard. While i began sharing my journey online (insta – @codegirlcode), I quickly noticed that I wasn’t alone, there was a community behind me, rooting, and cheering me up – highs + lows. A lot of women (and men), became interested in my story, but more because they too, were in the same journey as I was – learning. We encouraged each other, we stepped into an unknown field not knowing how we’d feel but continued to be led by our curiosity, and the adrenaline provided by our codes,” said Holy (courtesy of the about page of UNTOUCHD).

Working towards empowering girls to pursue careers in tech, Holy shared that she can’t wait for the gender gap to be closed. She feels that it’s important for not just women, but also men, to work towards “more unity, less exclusions!”

In terms of role models, Holy can’t help but be inspired by the blogger and Instagram star Brittany Hemming at StayCuriousDarling. Brittany uses her skills to promote the field of tech and does so while traveling around the world.

When asked about advice for young girls who wish to become women in tech, she said, “You can do it! Don’t let your failures along your journey discourage you from the bigger picture! There is a great, and amazing community for STEAM here to help! Learning is challenging, but it is also rewarding! If you ever need someone to talk to, and encourage you, I am here! Learning to code isn’t easy, but it’s doable, and a superpower on its own. Find out what works for you, and go after it. Also, UNTOUCHD Magazine is filled with inspirations, and other girls learning, and pushing! You can do this!”


The author, Audrey Pe, is an incoming high school junior from the Philippines. Passionate about startups, programming, and women empowerment, Audrey advocates for more women in tech through this blog. She wishes for people to read her interviews with women in tech, be inspired to pursue careers in the said field, and support women in tech everywhere. 

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