It’s A Girl Thing

Written by: Patricia Campos

Last month, I was invited to attend It’s a Girl Thing, an event that hosts an all-female lineup of social media based influencers. This occasion targets to empower young girls, and boys, with convincing and compelling discussions and performances prepared by each panelist. Being lucky enough to take part in both the meet and greet and the panel, I can say that it was a fun and well thought out event.


I’ve attended a few events like this one, but I can say that this occasion left the best impression on me. I was very impressed with how well executed everything was.

Upon registration, loot bags containing water, an extra shirt, and a raincoat was given out. It was very thoughtful of them, to say the least because it’s very rare to experience such accommodation in events like these. The meet and greet was next to look forward to. Each attendee could have an opportunity to come face to face with any of the social stars they wish to meet. I for one met one met O.G beauty and lifestyle influencer, Bethany Mota, who happens to be one of the reasons why I started doing makeup and fashion. Having met one of my biggest inspirations, I can say it was a very memorable experience indeed. The last portion of the occasion was the main fest, where each speaker went on stage to share empowering stories and/or perform a special number. Everyone in the crowd was ecstatic, I mean who wouldn’t be? The people who we looked up to were there, right in front of us, doing the thing that made us love them in the first place: influencing and empowering us to become the best version of ourselves. After all the fun and excitement, the day ended on a high note, everyone left the place with smiles on their faces and good memories with them.

The overall experience was very refreshing, fun and tiring. I was very lucky to be invited by my friend, Audrey Pe, the creator of the organization WiTech. She also happened to be featured by the event itself for being an innovator and influencer at a very young age; kudos to you Audrey. I am looking forward to experiencing more empowering events like these and hopefully be speaking at the podium one day.


Patricia is a 10th grade Student Council President. She believes in the empowerment of women and the fight of tearing down the limiting walls that have built to stop women from reaching their full potential.

Photos from: Globe Telecom Facebook 

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