Team Bios

Allana Crisostomo

Co-VP Marketing (Social Media)

Allana Crisostomo is a 20 year old sophomore activist based in the Philippines. At an early age of 8, she has found a distinct interest in Science and Technology but struggled to find women to look up to aside from her Science teachers and those she read from books.

Today, despite being in the social science field studying BA Public Administration, she is driven to help break the barriers young Filipinas face in a male dominated world; proving that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to empower women. Through her contributions as a member of WiTech since 2018, she is dedicated in encouraging more people to get themselves involved in discussions of research and sustainable development. She now uses her knowledge as a former marketing intern and associate of Marketing Executives to expand the reach of WiTech not just in the country, but also overseas.

Her passion for learning goes hand in hand with bringing people together in pursuit of quality education accessible to Filipinos of all ages and social class. An advocate of human rights and gender equality, she is an active participant of sociopolitical movements that aim to bring greater good for her community.