Team Bios

Bree Catibog


Opportunities for students to grow in STEM fields aren’t always easy to come by. At times, even when they’re right in front of you, they’re difficult to grab. Bree is a student leader and advocate who aspires to change that. An incoming freshman at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, she is driven by her passion for serving the people.

With her interest in STEM sparking at an early age (because she thought it was cool), she had always wanted to pursue a career in tech. When highschool rolled in, this dream only grew as she developed a deeper understanding of the field.
Starting out at WiTech in 2020, she was thrilled to be part of a team where she could empower others and work on herself at the same time! Since then, she also set out to take part in even more projects and organizations which allowed her work to address different issues in the field of STEM, and her local community as well. Now the Co-Vice President for Marketing under Social Media, she’s determined to reach more people and foster more meaningful connections!

Beyond acads and orgs, she’s a coffee-powered 18-year-old who gets either too little or too much sleep, thrives on sitcoms, and does (but never finishes) random song covers. More importantly, she puts her heart into everything that she does, and hopes to be able to keep working towards genuine progress in STEM and our society.