Team Bios

Alie Santana

Co-VP of Marketing (Creatives)

Growing up with a multitude of interests that never seemed to intersect posed a constant struggle to Alie as she figured out what exactly she wanted to pursue in the future. As Alie juggled her love for science, art, dance, badminton, org work, candy, and a bunch of other random things, she found it difficult to see how it was sustainable for her to pursue all of these interests at the same time. However, after a year’s worth of experience as a creatives officer in WiTech and as an architecture student in UP Diliman, Alie’s passion for service became more clearly set out to value the idea of making a positive difference in the world WHILE doing what she loves. She realized that it was completely possible to be an artist in the field of STEM, and that creativity is actually an extremely important part of the field of science. 

Not long after that did she realize how passionate she was about cultivating interests (no matter how unalike they may seem), and ultimately using these for social good. By doing things like creating art to raise funds for COVID relief, making publicity materials to support donation drives and local businesses, or just simply using her active social media presence to share important information, Alie has always strived to direct her hobbies towards service.

As co-head of WiTech’s creative team this cycle, Alie hopes to further reinforce the idea that it is possible to serve and support an advocacy (in this case, gender and socio-economic equality) rooted in something particularly scientific, by doing something inherently artistic! By service through passion, Alie aspires to help empower the youth to take action regardless of their background and what their interests are, and essentially support the idea that the arts is never something to look down upon—but rather something that should be looked at as intersectional with all other aspects of society!