Team Bios

Jamie Ko

Co-VP of Marketing (Creatives)

If art was point A in Jamie’s galaxy, then technology was point B on the opposite side – so far apart from each other that an intersection seemed impossible. At least, that’s how it was, until she joined WiTech. A current junior studying the IB Diploma program in the Philippines, WiTech exposed her to the power of art in technology, something that’s since then become her passion — right next to breaking the gender and socio-economic gap in technology, and empowering the youth to fully realize their potential.

A computer programming class in high school proved to be pivotal for her advocacy. While sitting in a room where there were more boys than girls, and listening to her friends outside of the class asking, “But isn’t computer programming hard?”, she realized just how far we have to go in breaking the misconceptions around technology, including the notion that art has no place. Much like how dipping french fries in ice cream is a great-if-not-unlikely combination, Jamie is a firm believer that combining art and technology only makes people more creative and makes technology more accessible.

Jamie is extremely enthusiastic about WiTech as this year’s Co-VP for Marketing (Creatives). In line with her passion for service, she’s thankful for the opportunity to volunteer under WiTech and prove that technology is more powerful when combined with art. She hopes to do more this year, and to be able to give back to the community through her efforts. This cycle, Jamie hopes for WiTech World Domination: increasing WiTech’s presence in order to reach out to more youth. When she’s not actively working towards total domination through design however, you can find her downing quadruple-shot Americanos, serving as an MUN club chair in school, and keeping her 96 playlists organized on Spotify.