Team Bios

Kaira Balcos

Co-VP FOR External Relations

Kaira is a rising senior in Philippine Science High School – Main Campus specializing in Biology and Engineering while also training in Journalism and Media Studies. Growing up, Kaira had no idea what career she wanted to pursue or what she wanted to become; all she knew was that she wanted to make a significant impact in the world. Now, her aspirations remain the same with the addition of her goal to diversify the field of STEM by highlighting the importance of its intersection with the humanities.

She is an active student leader and campus journalist, having recently stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of her school’s English publication. It was through journalism where she learned about the power of her voice and how to use it to make a positive influence within her community. As WiTech’s Co-VP of External Relations this cycle, she plans to continue to strengthen the impact of her voice and more importantly, the organization’s influence. 

In the near future, she hopes to continue her pursuit of a multidisciplinary education by taking up a major in either Biomedical Engineering or Life Sciences with (hopefully) a minor in Journalism! In her free time, Kaira continues honing the skills of her multiple talents: playing the marimba and piano, dancing and painting. Otherwise, she’s busy searching for the untarnished truth, advocating for female empowerment and looking for ways to rule the world.