Team Bios

Dona Marabe

VP of Internal Relations

Dona is an 18-year old rising senior in Philippine Science High School – Main Campus taking up Physics as a core, as well as Engineering and Computer Science as Electives. She is mainly interested in a future career relating to aeronautical or aerospace engineering, and has the dream of someday working at NASA.

She’s an all around achiever, being a usual performer in her school as a vocalist, a member of her school’s Ultimate Frisbee Training Pool, a part of her school’s competitive Physics Team, a common contestant in various hackathons, and the President of her school’s Physics Club. Being the leader of her hackathon team, Malintala, they’ve participated in two of NASA’s Space Apps Challenges, conceptualized two mobile applications, and have since won the Animo Labs Innovation Challenge 2020, with Dona giving a solo pitch for the final round of the competition.

Being a Physics student, she saw how male-dominated the field is– even in a four-walled classroom, and wanted to be an instrument of change in altering the typical treatment and outlook towards women in the STEM field, especially those in Tech-related paths. She joined WiTech in 2019 as a part of Internal Relations’ Human Resources – Membership Relations Committee, and is determined to enhance the bond within the community, as well as refocus their collective ideas, actions, and projects towards WiTech’s vision, as the new head of the department herself.