Team Bios

Dona Marabe

CO-VP FOR Internal Relations

Dona is a 19-year old recent graduate from Philippine Science High School – Main Campus who took up Physics as a core subject, as well as Practical Astronomy, Engineering, and Design and Make Technologies as electives. She is mainly interested in a future career relating to aeronautical or aerospace engineering, and has the dream of someday working at NASA!

She’s an all around achiever, being a musical performer, a former ultimate frisbee training pool member, an internationally competitive researcher, a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, an avid OPM fanatic, and a loving mother to a bunch of Hamsters. Dona has spoken about STEMinism and youth leadership for events such as the Wonder Women Tech International Virtual Conference and the Philippine Tech Week Panel, and was also one of the youngest mentors for the NASA Space Apps back in 2020. 

As a Physics student, she saw how male-dominated the field was in an environment as small as a four-walled classroom. She then aimed to be an instrument of change in altering the preconceived notions and stereotypes towards women in the STEM field, especially those in Tech-related paths. She joined WiTech in 2019 as a part of Internal Relations’ Human Resources – Membership Relations Committee, rose to become the department’s head in 2020, and remains to be passionate in enhancing the bonds within the WiTech community with an equally determined Co-VP. Truthfully, all she now wants to prove is that anyone can reach for the stars – regardless of their gender, nationality, or social status.