Team Bios

Victoria Albitos


To make her dream science career a reality, Victoria moved from Pangasinan to Metro Manila to study at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. As an incoming Grade 11 student, she plans to focus on biology and engineering. She hopes to find a career path in the future that will let her fuse her love of sciences and humanities in a way that will serve the people.

In high school, she started to find purpose in places that enabled her to make a change. Since childhood, her greatest passions have been science and writing. To use these to impact others, she joined WiTech in Grade 10 as a blog contributor, along with her school’s newspaper and Student Council Staff. She aims to break stereotypes and be a voice for the youth in STEM.

The roughly two-to-one ratio of boys to girls in her classes, combined with her own experiences of being underestimated because of her gender, led her to realize just how underrepresented and unprioritized women are in STEM, in schools and workplaces alike. Through WiTech, she aspires to lift up young women like herself, and have fun shattering some glass ceilings while she’s at it.

When she’s not working towards WiTech world domination, she reads novels, does calligraphy and lettering, plays instruments, and attempts painting.