Team Bios

My name is Rafaela Nienow, I am currently studying chemistry at a technical high school in the Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), and I’m passionate about the scientific field. I have founded WiTech RS in 2021 when I decided that I needed to bring science opportunities to my community to immerse young enthusiasts in areas not taught daily in Brazilian schools.

 Nowadays, I participate in some other extracurricular activities,  such as: coordinating the Science Club of my school, which was also founded by me; teaching English at a language school; participating at the student council; producing/publishing study materials and opportunities in my study Instagram account. Also, I’m preparing myself to study Medicine at Immerse Education Summer Program this summer!

  During the first year of the WiTech RS chapter, we could build a team of people who are passionate about different STEM fields, which possible us to share new interests and perspectives. Last year, our cohort completed two events for middle scholars, one about opportunities outside the classroom, and another one about research project steps. I hope this year we can expand WiTech over our community, so working for our dreams.