Team Bios

Jeira Bueno


Having experienced the gender gap in science and math competitions, Jeira looked for an opportunity to empower more women to explore and pursue STEM. She joined WiTech last 2018 as part of the Human Resources team and as the Participant Relations Head so that she can help connect young women to STEM mentors and peers. As the Co-VP for External Relations last cycle, she and the team continued to make events more accessible and diverse. For WiTech Manila’s ‘21-’22 cycle, Jeira hopes to continue to strengthen the community and equip the next generation of STEM enthusiasts with the tools and skills they would need in the field.

Jeira is an alumnus of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus where she focused on biology, chemistry, and engineering. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and environmental action and is working towards using science and technology to bridge sustainable solutions to communities. Acknowledging her privilege to attend Pisay, she hopes to share her knowledge and help more people in their STEM journey. 

Putting her passion for technology, and problem-solving to good use, she often joins hackathons to help brainstorm solutions on pressing issues. She was also a mentor for the NASA Space Apps Challenge and a coach for the annual Climathon Pasig where she assisted the teams in ideating, developing and presenting their projects.

When she’s not working on her academics, coding projects, and organizations, she usually reads fiction books, watches series and movies, plays instruments, knits, and bikes to unwind.