Team Bios

Jessie de Grano

Manila Chapter Head

Jessie de Grano, a graduate of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus and incoming freshman at the University of the Philippines, is all about science and technology for the people. Having dealt with the gender gap in the technological and research field herself, she wanted to be able to change exactly that. 

Jessie joined WiTech in 2017 to stand together with other women and be able to empower others. She worked as the VP for Community Development and led the Wi-Teach program along with her team, providing access to tech and tech education and moreover, inspiring the youth. Jessie has also represented the team at the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards, where WiTech was included in the NCR division awards. 

Outside of WiTech, Jessie has explored research at multiple events, featuring her group research efforts on mathematical modeling and biological networks, as well as with the Manai Institute of Science and Technology (Japan) where she explored neurological research. Lastly, Jessie has also worked in various other outreach programs in and out of the Philippines.

More simply, Jessie is just a teenager who runs on (a lack of) sleep, Netflix, traveling, books, and furthermore, the drive to shed light on the gender and socio-economic gap in technology in the Philippines and make a change. For WiTech Manila Cycle ’20-’21, Jessie hopes to continue to grow the WiTech family and strengthen the bonds within it.