Team Bios

Dedicated to the campaign for gender equality, social justice, inclusion, and human rights, Amuchien Deng Neeply is a public and motivational speaker, a technophile, a pan-Africanist, a grassroots movement organizer, a volunteer, an educator, and an advocate for educational reforms.

Not only that, but he is also involved in various activities and organizations. Mr Neeply is the Founder and Executive Director of Reformational Youth of Liberia, the Director of Media and Communication at the PLO Lumumba Foundation Liberia Chapter, a Chief Supervisor at the Next Move Best Move Emerging Leaders Campaign, an Official Spokesperson for the District #9 Youth Council, a Co-planner of the Yayeh’s Initiative National Spelling Bee Competition, the Lead Campaigner of the Change Concept Make Progress Mental Revolution Campaign in Liberia, and the Chapter Head for the Women in Technology- WiTech Liberia.

He has organized numerous significant events as a Chief Organizer, namely the National Students Symposium 2021 in Liberia, The Reform Quick Impact Computer Program, the Reform Peace Dialogue, the Reform Community Police-Partnership against COVID-19, and the Reform Empowerment Forum. At the same time, he was also one of the organizers of the National Albinos Fund-Raising Campaign, the Yayeh’s Initiative National Spelling Bee Competition, and the International Day of the Girl Child Program in Liberia. 

Behind those impressive achievements lies a competent motivational speaker, a master planner, an event organizer, a feminist, and a well-rounded volunteer who’s passionate in promoting his advocacies, Mr. Amuchien Deng Neeply.