Team Bios

Gwen is a rising junior studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney. Born and raised in the Philippines, Gwen was always passionate about STEM, pursuing the strand in senior highschool and Engineering in university. Gwen has partaken in multiple projects involving computational modelling and medical device design. She aspires to one day contribute to the advancement of the medical industry, while increasing its accessibility to remote and impoverished areas.

She is currently pursuing research on anaesthesia modelling and cuffless blood pressure measurement. She is also a member of the executive team in the Sydney University Society of Medical Innovation, where she strives to plan events that connect university studies to the medical technology industry.

She was first introduced to the technology industry through a mentorship program where she learned about the trajectory of technological advancements and the potential of technology’s reach. She has, since then, been increasingly interested in the field of technology and its applications. During quarantine, she has devoted her time to learning new coding languages and building personal projects.

Through WiTech Sydney, Gwen aspires to emphasise the value of arts in STEM and reach out to the Australian youth who are interested in the STEAM industry. She aims to break down the stereotype of STEM being a rigid and structurally sound industry filled with numbers, codes, etc. and change it to a more approachable and welcoming industry that has more than enough room for creative liberty and all the tools to achieve it.