Team Bios

Victoria Albitos


To make her dream of being a scientist a reality, Victoria moved from Pangasinan to Metro Manila to study at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. Now a Grade 12 student, she hopes to find a career path that fuses her love for the sciences and humanities in a way that will serve the people.

Since falling in love with words as a child, she’s been writing everything from stories about magic to articles on activism. She joined WiTech in 2019 as a blog contributor, and never looked back. Aside from this, she is an amateur creative writer, while also being an active member and former leader of her school’s English publication.

She is hopelessly in love with life—er, the study of it. From biology to psychology to the occasional let’s-read-about-natural-philosophy phase, she is fascinated by how science becomes magical, bringing the universe to life. This interest made her notice the gender gap in STEM: just as there are always more boys than girls in her classes, there is always an uncelebrated woman given only a few lines in history books. She aspires to help change this by lifting up youth and women in STEM through her work with the WiTech team.

At her core, Victoria is a teenage girl running on the adrenaline rush of active procrastination chocolate and fanfiction tropes. When she’s not working towards WiTech world domination, she reads too many novels, starts too many stories, and learns too many instruments.