Team Bios

Anna Divinagracia


Meet Anna: a Grade 12 student from Philippine Science High School – Main Campus and an aspiring forensic biologist. As a young woman in STEM, she continually strives to aid her country through scientific means and create a safer space for marginalized and underserved individuals in the STEM industry and beyond.

Having lived in both Iloilo and Metro Manila, she has witnessed the disparities among classes and genders, and has sought to promote justice and dismantle gender barriers. Finding solace in the written word, she writes to inform individuals of the beauty of science and to echo the cries of the Filipino people. She joined WiTech in 2019 to reach a wider audience and to share the organization’s advocacy to educate, inspire, and empower the youth. Since then, she has enjoyed every moment of growth and learning with the team as the current Editor-in-Chief.

She is currently fascinated by the notion of forensic biology and its use in the exoneration of innocent convicts in criminal cases. Despite its minimal use in the Philippine justice system, Anna aspires to further develop forensic science in the country, allowing science to prevail against corruption.

When she’s not writing articles or heading teams in organizations, this self-proclaimed jane-of-all-trades is an amateur musician, a web developer, a Letterboxd cinephile, a Duolingo-taught polyglot, a knitting addict, an immersive traveler, an (expert) mahjong player, and a family-oriented daughter. Most importantly, though, she loves her country and hopes to help her people through science.