Team Bios

Alex Cruz

VP of Community Development

Alex Cruz, an incoming Grade 12 student at Saint Pedro Poveda College, has always been fascinated with math and the sciences. She attended Space Camp at 13 years old and has fallen in love ever since — attending it for 3 more years . This caused her to develop a passion for astrophysics and hopes to pursue this in university and use space science and technology to create a better world for humanity. 

Throughout high school, she developed a passion for serving others and devotes her time to serving the people through participating in various outreach programs and non-profit organizations. She joined WiTech in 2019 as she found that there was a significant gender gap within STEM fields. Moreover, she noticed that millions of students, especially girls, still lack access to quality education and opportunities for learning. She hopes for a society wherein an individual is able to learn and develop their ideas without being faced with discrimination, be it due to age, gender, sexuality, race, socio-economic statues, and more.

When she’s not busying herself with organization work or academics, Alex can usually be found at the skating rink, making art and films, or traveling the world.