Meet the Team


WiTech began as an outlet for me to blog about amazing women in tech that deserve to be given as much attention as their male counterparts. As WiTech celebrates its first year anniversary, I’m excited to announce that WiTech is rebranding itself from a blog to a community organization that has an exciting project slated for next year! The amazing women in the WiTech team are all from a diverse set of schools and backgrounds. In a world with ongoing gender inequality issues inside and outside of workplaces and classrooms, we hope that our work here at WiTech will continue to inspire society to celebrate women in technology and break glass ceilings.

-Audrey Pe, Founder + Executive Director of WiTech


Chiara Ledesma

Participant Relations Head

chiaraChiara Ledesma is a junior and Computer Science major at Ateneo de Manila University. She is passionate and curious about many things, including the youth, science and technology, sociopolitical issues and awareness, sustainable development, musical theatre, film and TV, and food. While she still has a long way to go, she hopes to learn and pursue data science and eventually help find data-driven solutions for the nation. As a young woman in the field of technology, she hopes to help young girls see the potential in the industry and within themselves, and to encourage young girls to pursue similar careers.


Chiawen Chiang 

Externals + Co-Project Lead


Chiawen Chiang is an undergraduate student at Ateneo de Manila University who is passionate about biology, the environment, and the exploration of what is still unknown. Equipped with the mindset and curiosity of a scientist, she is also interested in a variety of other disciplines–one of which is the empowerment of women to pursue what they love, especially science and technology. As a co-project lead of WiTech, she hopes to be part of what inspires women in their own search for what they are passionate about.


Alyssa Ty

Finance Head


Alyssa Ty is a Junior in Ateneo de Manila University majoring in Computer Science. She is passionate about the health sector and often tries to integrate her knowledge in technology in order to find solutions to empower petriatic patients. Her experience interning in mClinca as Associate Project Manager has inspired her to implement data driven solutions in order to solve public health issues such as Connect Physican: a platform that helps doctors connect to patients while providing them health information. Currently, she is the Vice President of Finance and Marketing in Kythe Ateneo: a non-profit organization that provides psycho-social support to patients with chronic illnesses. Equipped with the knowledge of data science, she is currently finding ways in order to integrate to technology based solutions in Kythe Hospitals. Although she has a long way to go, She hopes to inspire girls to enter the field in technology, and to be able to find solutions to help in the health industry.


Marla Abao

Programs Head + Co-Project Lead


Marla is currently the Student Council President of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. Showing exceptional maturity and passion for research, clear awareness of socio-cultural issues related to gender equality, she was able to receive various awards in both academics and leadership. Marla was also the youngest innovator speaker in the innovation convention sponsored by the San Miguel Yamamura Corporation where she shared her knowledge and experience in youth leadership. Recently, she bagged the Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs  (YWPA) Award for District 17 besting many different leaders from all around the Asia Pacific. With this, she aspires to be an engineer in the future and be a fearless advocate promoting more women in science as well as using technology as a tool for the betterment of everyone.


Alannah Mitra

Creatives Head


Alannah Mitra is a Sophomore BFA Information Design major at Ateneo De Manila University. She is passionate about graphic design, fine arts, film, and theater; and actively pursues these through participation in various events and organizations. Though she specializes on the arts, she still involves herself in other fields and disciplines such as mental health awareness, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. She hopes to help bridge the gap between the arts and other disciplines and wants to use the arts as an avenue for positive social change.


Audrey Pe

Founder + Executive Director + Co-Project Lead 

Techtonic 2

An aspiring science journalist, Audrey is continuously excited about the innovations in STEM and how they can better the world. Fascinated with the sciences at an early age, Audrey realized the lack of female role models in STEM, particularly in the field of technology, hinders many young women from considering it as a possible profession. Because of this revelation, and upon reading a book on the gender gap in tech, Audrey founded WiTech where she aims to help the public understand the work that many female scientists do to help society by writing articles about STEM for the masses. Her love of writing extends to contributing regularly to the Manila Bulletin lifestyle section and has gotten her a fourth place win amongst 1,200+ entries in the Trust for Sustainable Living’s essay writing competition on climate change. From her experiences and accolades garnered in tech, business, and Model UN competitions, she believes that with the support of science and innovation, we can further better our global development.


Reyna Mabulay

Corporate Relations Head

22279074_1672635862756158_449870357_oCurrently a Business Administration and Accountancy freshman at UP Diliman, Reyna Mabulay has gradually immersed herself in the field of technology and social innovation. Despite not having a solid background in tech at first, her passion towards contemporary issues and women empowerment overcome her hesitations. She holds a special interest for literature, film, media platforms, and entrepreneurship, which she hopes to be of help in WiTech. As a student-leader, Reyna aims to connect and encourage fellow girls to be active in the tech community, in order to unravel solutions to ever-changing societal conditions.



Kyle Jureidini

Human Resources Head

25271002_1743655608991557_1363473102_o.jpgKyle is currently studying at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus as a Grade 11 student. He is passionate about cooking, food chemistry, and economics and is on the way to becoming part of the economics team. As vice president of the research club in his school, Kyle advocates the use and importance of science communication as a skill for science students in order to bridge the gap between future scientists and the masses. Bound by a contract where he is required to take a STEM course, he wants to fight for the integration of science into other fields such as arts and music.


Annika Gozum

Social Media Head


Annika is currently a Grade 10 student at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. She is passionate and concerned about global issues like many individuals’ lack of basic needs, gender equality, mental health, and saving the environment. Being a student that will pursue a STEM course, she hopes to raise awareness for women empowerment and break present negative stereotypes about women in the field. In the future, she aspires to be able to contribute to the betterment of her fellow Filipinos. As for now, she wants to help and serve the people in her community and encourage and support these people, especially the women that may be doubting themselves, by reminding them that they are capable in whatever they want to pursue.


Megan Gozum

Logistics Co-Head 

After holding various leadership positions in Philippine Science High School, Megan 25630737_1618006324932792_608544069_ncontinues to strive for excellence and servant leadership as the current Vice President of her batch and the official photography club of her school. She won an award as a delegate in the Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit, and also aspires to become a leader in her respective field of science in the future. With her love for the arts like music and photography, she aims to utilize her creativity and passion for humanitarian aid to uplift the Filipino people and her country someday.



Lg Asejo

Logistics Co-Head


LG is the Grade 12 Batch Chairperson at Makati Science High School. He has high aptitude and passion for the natural sciences and the arts. He has presented his research work abroad and to the Philippine Society for Cell Biology. He also manages his own art brand, Volskey, which aims to break the barrier between science and art. Aside from these, he supports equal opportunities between the genders as seen in his work as a former Global Youth Ambassador for the I Am Sam Foundation – a movement for the protection, empowerment, and respect for women and children. Through WiTech, he hopes to let people know that breaking barriers for gender equality is an advocacy that everyone has a part in.


Cebo Cruz

Blog Co-Head


Cebo is presently a Grade 11 student in Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. He is the Vice President of the campus’s poetry club and a member of the school’s chorale. Along with his team, they spearheaded the first Model UN in his school, as well. Moreover, being part of the chemistry team, and interning in De Los Santos Medical Center for a Biochemistry course, has furthered his passion to take up medicine in the future. Through WiTech, he aims to create more representation for women in science and technology, and in the process, empower them by maximizing their potential in their respective fields.


Anton Parco


Chapter Expansion Team Member

Anton is an aspiring artist taking up Multimedia Arts in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. He enjoys drawing and painting in his free time and has an endless love for rock music and pizza. He is also the most optimistic and jolly person you’ll ever meet and can turn a frown upside down.




Raphael Goño

Chapter Expansion Team Co-Lead

Raphael Goño is a aspiring teenage entrepreneur who believes in the motto “Do not wait for others to give you the opportunity, make the opportunity for yourself and others”. He is the founder and president of Project Innovation, and now is currently handling the chapter expansion project of WiTech as Project Head. He joined WiTech after attending WiTCon and being inspired the passion and drive of the speakers and WiTech members in their advocacy in disrupting the gender gap and promoting women in technology. At his free time,he lives to vlog, create films, photography, graphic design and make events relating to design, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Cailyn Ong



Cailyn Ong is a high school student at Philippine Science High School – Main Campus. She is passionate about biotechnology and hopes to someday help innovate in the medical field. Aside from this, she is also an advocate for social issues like mental health awareness & gender equality who is interested in calligraphy and music. She hopes to use her unique skillset in helping empower women in technology.






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