Art Attack: 10 Websites and programs where you can learn design and technology

Written by Dana Praise Guerrero
Edited by Anna Kristina Divinagracia

New year, new you (as they’d say)! Time to leave those filthy habits behind and brush up on those skills, unlock hidden talents, and rekindle lost memory with these sites and programs dedicated to helping you in your artistic and innovative journey.

Creative Live


“Pick your passion!” These are the first words that’ll pop up when you come across this website or app. Introducing a minimalist yet bold vibe, navigation is a breeze with a neat slate of 5 categories to tinker with and a complimentary lesson every time you visit. However, an all-around access would require you to pay so cheaper alternatives should always be on the lookout! 

  • Free & paid
  • Available on IOS



I’m pretty sure you may have heard of this somewhere: a top-tier and classic program sparking creativity, fascinating the mind, and initiating curiosity that is Skillshare. It houses tons of classes ranging from photography to business, and hands-on projects & workshops of renowned professionals under your own perusal! Beware, though, of the sign “start today with two free months of premium,” and get the most out of it right away! 

  • Free for the first 2 months
  • Available on IOS and Android

LinkedIn Learning

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Not a lot are aware, but you can also get a knack at obtaining contemporary knowledge from this vintage bit. Explore highly-coveted tech skills on the get-go with this site’s offline viewing feature and curated guides. As the name suggests, you can instantly add (or flex ‘em) completed certificates straight to your LinkedIn profiles, even improving your chances of getting booked or hired online! 

  • Free for one month
  • Available on IOS and Android


Want to learn about coding and “change the world?” is there to help you. Every kid deserves the resources to learn more about computer science, and it gives you just that! Although the platform is very limited, it is still relevant for beginners and even for instructors. Never count this gem out!

  • Only available on search engines


unnamed (1)

With better and flexible means to solve your programming problems comes Codecademy. With its Codecademy Go version, learners are now able to review and practice concepts around web development, data science, and computer science anytime and anywhere. Take note that progress is tracked daily, so make sure to not miss a beat when it comes to maintaining your STEM streaks!

  • Free and paid
  • Available on IOS and Android


unnamed (2)

Advance your career and get mentored straight by Harvard and MIT professionals with edX! It brings top, global institutions’ skills and fields including engineering, business management, and accounting right at your fingertips. Filled with timely announcements, handouts, quizzes, and exams, you’ll be truly equipped for the real world.

  • Free
  • Available on IOS and Android


unnamed (3)

Sharpen your mind with Coursera’s jam-packed degrees and specializations on a variety of topics at your own time and pace. The beautiful thing about it is the fact that you can be schooled in dozens of languages. Meaning, subjects ranging from the sciences to the arts can now be discussed and taught in Chinese, Spanish, and French. There is also less fret with the presence of readable subtitles and easy-to-follow transcripts.

  • Free and paid
  • Available on IOS and Android

Saylor Academy


Be motivated and prepared to take on challenges and bridge the gap, at no expense, with Saylor Academy! The site contains numbered, transferable college credits; genius certificates, a blog page introducing personalities, sparking inspiration and connection from its viewers; a featured course section (for those who can’t make their minds up where to begin) and a newsletter on the latest happenings. Whether you’re looking to up your credentials a notch or do casual reads from time to time, this is for you!

  • Free
  • Only available on search engines


unnamed (4)

Learn anything under the sun on an expertly level with Udemy! The world’s biggest selection of courses, at 100,000, with fresh and new topics updated monthly can be found here. Literally, this site has it all so make sure you level your account to a premium to have lifetime access to highly recommended classes. Master cutting-edge topics, for instance, artificial intelligence and blockchain, comfortably and affordably. Definitely, worth every shot and penny!

  • Free and paid
  • Available on IOS and Android

Khan Academy

unnamed (5)

Last but certainly not least is none other than Khan Academy! To describe it as an ultimate problem solver for a messed up brain and system is an understatement. Khan Academy provides you with an entire library of tools like videos to accompany you every step of the way. Pick up where you left off with its automatic sync function, up-to-date progress and fun built-in exercises such as raising energy points and energy badges- all 100% without charge!

  • Available on IOS and Android

Remember, it is not always about the destination, it’s about the journey; that’s what truly matters! These are just a few of the many platforms you can turn to kickstart your way towards polishing your artsy skills yet to be unleashed for the rest of the world to see. Change is constant but learning endures a lifetime. Remember, “hustle kahit hassle.” So, what are you waiting for? Time to install and get those creative juices running because you’re onto something!

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